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What oil to use

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So just looking for some advice of what kind of oil and if anyone can recommend where to buy it (the cheaper the better!)

I have plenty of engine oil but I was going todo the gearbox, transfer box and the 2 diffs. (Its a 300tdi with a LT77 gear box and a LT230 transfer box). Its a 1986 Land Rover 90 with the standard axels fitted.

From what I've worked out I will need ATF fluid and EP90. I was going to get 5L of ATF so I can top up the power steering fluid as well and have some spare for when it leaks.

Probably going to need 10L of EP90 to cover the diffs (they might need a flush) and the transfer box and also some spare for when it leaks out!

Am I best going to halfords or is there anywhere online that people find good?

Im about 20/30 minutes west of Edinburgh any body know of any places around the area that would supply it at a decent price?



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Could try your local Motor factors they usualy work out the cheapest.

May find it cheaper on line but delivery charges will kill it

May be wrong but not sure about ATF for steering fluid? must check that out for mine.


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I get engine oil in Wilkinsons, about 40% cheaper than halfords. For trans fluids i go to Eurocarparts. Sometimes they have deals online which you can collect in store. They have a range called TripleQX which is good value.

This is of course if you're not a connoseiur of the finest oils, otherwise if you want Castrol, etc. you have to pay the price.

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ATF Dexron II/III/IV is very normal for power steering systems on LRs, but can be different for other manufacturers for sure!

It is just a hydraulic oil at the end of the day, and both and autobox and power steering system are hydraulic systems...

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