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Which brand vacuum pump?


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In need of a vacuum pump for my 300tdi. Which brands would you advise? Or is it luck of the draw?


Bearmach (£10 Dearer than BP)

OEM Wabco (£30 dearer than bearmach)

Anyone got any experiences with either brand? And why it was good or not?

Many thanks

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What do you use your Landy for?

If it's your daily-driver/the vehicle that you depend on to earn your living with, go for the genuine Wabco [of course if it's a vehicle you use for work you will be offsetting the full cost of parts&labour against your business taxes anyway so it's not a cost to you to go for the full-price option].

What is the likely cost to you of the cheap replacement part failing prematurely and so meaning you're possibly not earning for a day?

If it's just a second/third car or a weekend plaything doing a few thousand miles a year, you might be happy to go for the cheaper option and accept the risk of being stranded at the side of the M6 on a wet sunday in November.

Similarly, consider the time/cost of fitting the part (or paying to have someone else fit it). It 'costs' the same amount to fit a cheap crappy part as it does to fit a top-quality one. The cheap crappy part may even take longer to fit if you need to 'fettle' it before its mounting-holes will line up (yes, I've dealt with Britpart-supplied gasket-sets with incorrectly positioned holes). Do you want to do the job again in six months and waste your invested time from the first time round?

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To be honest they're all a bit pants and cheaply made especially the OEM one... the aluminium rivets they use for the top assembly stretch and then you start getting the oil leaks...

Yep, agree, and IMO Wabco are pretty poor, for an OE part, they aren't up to snuff.

Had a problem with one Bearmach pump, but was replaced promptly (faulty batch, the welsch plug fell out !) but the last Bearmach one has been fine.

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