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I'll be down that way on the weekend of the 26th.

After popping in to see Neil today you'll just need to convince him to pop down and sample my local brewery to get it from Surrey to you...

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Won't have picked up the stuff from Wales by then... But more than welcome to pop by if I'm back from work (assuming you mean AJD in Farnham the ones that are 10 minutes way from me).

If rrr47 can get them up to the M4 then I might be able to sort out a sooner date - Mum is likely to be coming to London before I'm heading West so if the forum relay can include a Suzuki Swift then that's a possibility (although don't want to divert her off the M4 by a huge amount, because of farm etc. then timings will be fixed I'm afraid).

Although the brewery is always open - as I said by text I'll try and stop by sometime this week and ask them about tour availability.

With regards to lanes I don't think there that many around here as a load have been shut off. However I do know of a few, a tasty one by the A3 (haven't yet taken the FF down it but once I fit that sump guard I might just do it...). There's also a really good but short, tight and scratchy between me and Guildford. Given the 110 was bulldozing itself through the lane I haven't risked the paintwork on the FF yet. There were last time I went down it some >2ft steps / axle twisters / pot holes / banks down it which is entertaining when you have a car load of mates from work :hysterical:.

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