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98 Disco 300 tdi hard time starting.


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I have just purchased a Disco 1 300 TDI with km.222000.

The engine runs sweet.

If I start the engine from cold, this being summer and all, it turns nicely,but it takes quite a while for it to start running. Once running everything is great.

When trying to start straight after stopping the engine, it starts perfectly. But if I wait a couple of minutes then its turns over a while before starting.

Thought it could be the fuel lift pump as it felt weak. Have changed this with nothing changing.

Have had a look around the enginebay, nothing looks wrong and thre are no leaks. Have tightened some jubilees etc. But nothing changes.

The car got a new cambelt in january, by the former owner. I have tried preheating with now luck either.

Any ideas as what to look for ?



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trouble after leaving it for a while suggests that the fuel is running back to the tank, maybe a small air leak into the diesel system.

Have you checked the push on rubber diesel leak off pipes are not cracked or perished between each injector? remove the engine cover and inspect/renew.

bleed the fuel filter with the 10mm nut on the top till a bubble free dribble of diesel emerges, then the 17mm? union bolt on the fuel injection pump.

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I had the same sort of problem with my 98 Disco, the solution that cured my engines ills was to run a second earth from the starter motor earth strap where it bolts to the engine mount/chassis rail to the battery earth connection. -- use correct heavy earth cable.

I have a third earth from the alternator bracket to the same battery earth terminal. Poor earthing seems to be an inherent problem with Land Rovers of all types - possibly due to the "designs" of Lucas the Prince of Darkness :angry2:

Long term wise you would be well advised to consider relocation of the battery (as I have done) from its current location on the drivers side to the opposite side of the engine.

1.) It's closer to the alternator - better charging.

2.) Its closer to the starter motor - less chance of voltage drop.

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Earths are the girst chech, but what i have had twice is that as the battery ages they still show good volts but loose that little bit of oomph so that the engine still turns over quite well but take a while to start, new battery back to starting at a flick of the key.

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I have now tried bleeding the fuelfilter. There keep comeing air out at the small bleed screw. This makes me believe that there might be an leek further upstream towards the fuel tank.

Any thoughts.

Boydie, why do you think this might be a wirring issue ? I trust your knowledge and what you write, but have a hard time makeing the connection in thi case.



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Morten, it's either fuel or electrics. If you have fuel up to the Fuel Injection Pump then its doubtful if will be a fuel problem, ergo look at your electrics and bad earthing is a common problem with Discos.. If its cranking over test your battery while its cranking, it may well be that while it has enough oooph to crank it here isn't enough power to cause the rest of the electrics to operate, as in an EDC.

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If there is a constant stream of bubbles when bleeding the fuel filter, then I'd say you've found the problem. Could be as easy as a new filter (top rubber seal or lower water drain is perished or open). Other than that you may have a line problem on the feed, i.e is the pipe rubbed through on the chassis? or is your pickup/unions on the tank corroded through?. Is there any evidence of a slight diesel leak underneath along the fuel line or under the filter?

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