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1992 Range Rover TDI conversion


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I am involved with helping a charity out in Kenya and I have a question regarding a 1992 Rangie.

Presently one of the charities vehicles (a 1992 V8 manual RR) has cooked its engine. They are struggling to put up with the 10mpg round town and are seriously looking at other options. Due to the work that they do a 4x4 (specificly this RR) is essential/ideal and Land Rovers or Land Cruisers are the only real option where they are.

Due to economics I have suggested that we build up a TDI conversion kit to ship out there to convert the currently owned vehicle.

Can anyone tell me what I would need to bolt up (bellhousing wise) to the existing LT77 that is in the vehicle on the V8? Is it possible? Im considering a 300tdi over the 200 due to greater parts availability. I know it might be a whole lot easier to just put in a R380 but I have the shipping and import tax to consider.

Any comments would be most welcome.


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i did this about 8 years ago,

I'm a bit unsure exactly what we used as it was alittle while ago, but it was the lt77 to the v8 in the car, I'm 99% sure we used a 200tdi bell housing as it fits the lt77 and the 300tdi, then ground down a spigot bush to fit inside the 300tdi one to fit the v8lt77.

List of parts

bell housing (I think from a 200tdi disco
spigot bushes to make something work, 300tdi and v8 on I made work,
clutch kit

engine mounts for the 300tdi,

we used all the radiator / intercooler etc from the 300tdi. did it all in 10 hours and then had a competition the next day with no faults (lucky)

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depends on the quality/type of fuel available. Could just stick another v8 in, although the LT77G isn't well regarded for its long life in hard work situations, particularly if it's already worked hard and long .

In which case a known good Tdi engine r380 gearbox package may make more sense

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There are some 4x4 breakers in the industrial part of Nairobi, and a Land Rover parts specialist -Hi Ratio, which is on the same area who may be able to source a tdi locally.

I met a guy out there who runs a classic range rover hire company - you'll probably find them if you google classic range rover hire kenya- they keep a fleet of elderly v8s running and may be able to offer suggestions. Very much an enthusiast so I'm sure would respond to an email.

Shipping stuff there, especially something very saleable like a tdi engine can be fraught unless there is someone on hand to deal with customs and pick it up before it's nicked..

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