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Early 110 front brake pipe T junction routing

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I am in the process of replacing the brake pipes on our early 110.

Is there any way to make the front brake junction smoother? The left hand feed needs a tight bend down and then up, before going forward down the chassis. See pic.

Does the brake input need to have to be in the centre of the T union before its splits left and right?

Would it matter if the input came from the side of the T? This was i can feed the left wheel from the centre of the T union and the right can then be connected to other outlet as in other pic, to make the brake pipe bends easier.

Would there be an issue in doing this, would this cause a bias issue between wheels?

Maybe I could T off earlier and then route around the bulkhead and run up the left chassis as an alternative, but not sure if i want to stray to far from standard setup.

What are your thoughts?



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Two points to note. It doesn't matter where the T piece is, just move it onto the top of the chassis rail or something.

2nd point I'd maybe consider changing to the later design with both front wheels having there own supply from the master cylinder, I think it's a safe design.

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Currently you have a front & rear split fail safe system, same as my '89 110, if you change to a line for each front caliper it means fitting a 300tdi servo & master cylinder as the later MC won't fit your existing servo, I had to replace the same brake pipe before refitting the body.


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