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Will you believe this

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The story starts Jan 12th when I was hit by a woman while I was stationary on my correct side of the road.

So right front wing and snorkel replaced but plenty black smoke when running.

The defender was serviced and MOT'd which it passed with the smoke ? ?

Last week kt was doing 16 to the gallon, a 300Tdi ??

So after various checks it was found that the diaphram had moved, Now yesterday I ran it dry, then added 5 litres to the tank.

Today it ran dry again

43 miles, yep fourty three miles.

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Odd that the MPG dropped that low initially though Mike. My diaphragm is rotated to its steepest deepest part and I will struggle to get my 200tdi under 20mpg even if I drive with a very heavy right foot. Lowest I've recorded is 23mpg.

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