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'P38' / Short Nose diff width?


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I'm aware that the SN diff does not fit into a Rover housing, having a different PCD and also requiring, I believe, a deeper diff pan.

That being said, does anyone happen to know if the diff itself is the same width as a Rover unit? i.e. if you could get one into a standard housing, would standard-length, 24-spline halfshafts fit fully into the diff in much the same way they would into a standard rover diff? (assuming standard hubs and flanges).

The appeal of the SN diff here is its short dimensions, rather than its strength (in 4-pin guise). It would allow for a longer rear prop on a trialer.


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That link is interesting. Have spoken to a race axle company and they can accurately narrow a late 110 axle to series width (with series flanges) and swap/fabricate leaf Spring mounts within my budget. This keeps the p38 diff mounting ring undisturbed.

So I know the diff will fit, I know late 24-spline hubs will fit - just need to confirm that 'standard aftermarket' 24 spline-24 spline uprated series half shafts will fit (assuming the p38 diff is the same width as a rover).

Should be quite a trick little axle - will look stock with the exception of the short diff, plenty strong enough for my needs and crucially will mean the rear prop will not be shorter than factory spec. May even add the Lightweight/Series IiA diagonal bracing just to really confuse folk.

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The short distance between bearings is a nightmare if you put loads of torque through it (trialling) the pinion likes tonwalkmaway form the crownwheel if it was pegged then that may solve that issue and be worth a go. I have a 4 pin centre in a box somewhere. One I machined down for a long nose case for the front of the trials car when it gets CVs next year

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