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Freelander or Td4


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I have a 2004 Renault Espace and have someone wanting to swap with me

He has black Freelander 2.0 XEdi 5 dr R reg (1998) 131000 miles


Blue Freelander 2.0 Td4 GS 5dr X reg (2001) 176000 miles

The blue one has the BMW engine where the Black one has LandRover engine

I've always had buses (Seat Alhambra, VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy, etc) but after driving mums td4 I decided I wanted one.

Now I have the option of these two and don't know which one is best so that's why I've come to you lovely lot :)

Also could you give rough idea of prices for each please

He wants £100 and my car for black one and £250 and my car for blue one

Many thanks

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Very very hard to say, neither is worth much above £1500 depending on condition, and if you're new to freelanders (or your mate hasn't kept on top of the usual issues) either could be a timebomb or could be awesome. Have a read back through the numerous buying advice threads.

TD4 is a bit better than the old diesel in most ways if looked after, assuming all else is equal condition-wise.

Also I have no idea what a Renault Espace is worth.

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Freelander 2.0 diesel estate

nice condition freelander clean inside and out with few age related marks scuffs etc

drives well and all 4x4 system intacted and works as it should

moted aug 2016

new radiator and hoses

new waterpump ,thermostat, timing belts

16 inch fox sport alloys with atv tyres

tinted windows,towbar

td4 estate bmw engine

clean inside and out few age related marks

starts and drives well 4x4 system descent control work as they should

towbar twin elecs

4 x elec windows

chrome bull bar and side steps

moted till may 2016

That's all info he's given me.

He said his son slammed the passenger door on freelander and thinks the mechanism has detached inside the door but he hasn't had chance to sort it but I'm hoping that will be a quick fix

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No idea of prices, but the L series diesel is possibly the most reliable diesel ever to power a Land Rover. The TD4 engine is a good unit but often suffers from quite expensive ancillary failures.Failed electric fuel pumps,injectors,Mafs and the variable nozzle turbo's being the main culprits. The L series diesel only suffered from wiring loom faults to the edc pump,cheap to diagnose and repair.The only thing is they dont go quite as well as the TD4,but for reliability and cost of repair the L series is the better bet.There are plenty of Rover/MG cars around for donor engines if you do happen to wear one out the wrong side of 300,000 miles...

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Thanks Ally,think I gave settled in the L series just because it looks better lol

My brother said about the td4 being expensive to fixed it it does go drastically wrong

Just waiting for the guy to get back to me on when I can collect and I shall be firing loads of questions on here I'm sure of it

Thanks so much


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I owned a L series for 10 years and I would go the TD4.

The L series engine is a great slugger of an engine and is exceptionally reliable - the TD4 is also exceptionally reliable but produces a bit more power and is a bit more modern. To me buying one over the other on the basis of the engine is neither here nor there - though the timing belt on the L series is a pain to do.

The decision for me is based on the drivetrain and other "things". The L series version had a few design faults in the great difference in the effective front and rear diff ratios that causes the VC to fail and then the IRD. Basically fixed by the time the TD4 came around. Of course by now the earlier car may have been upgraded as I did with mine.

The L series had clutch slave/fork issues that can make it hard to get into 1st and 2nd gears.

There are are hole bunch of body reliablity issues - electrical and switch hardware - with the first versions that were arguably fixed in the later versions.

So while there is not much in it - I would go the TD4 version as many of the rushed design issues in the early version were fixed.


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A TD4 is no more reliable than an L ,transmission wise ,I have the bills to prove it ! I have also worked on many freelanders when i was mechanicing and they are not good .My advice would be to not bother ,they are lovely to drive but that's where it ends ,everything else on em is pants ,others on here won't agree with me and that's fine ,we are all allowed our opinions .I have sold the wife's Freeloader and replaced it with an 05 Kia Sorento which is slightly bigger ,has a 2.5 TD engine ,a proper transmission and does as much to the gallon .Landrover should have been prosecuted over the diabolical reliability of Freeloaders. Buy a Kia or Hyundai instead .

James .

PS,as you can tell I'm still quite bitter about the Freeloader ,never wanted it but got talked into it by the wife and some bad advice from a supposed expert ,lol.The other replies to your querie are far more elequant than mine but in all seriousness I think you're better off steering clear .

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Buy a Kia or Hyundai instead .

The first version of the Kia Carnival had the same V6 engine as the V6 Freelander and like the V6 Freelander there are virtually no V6 Kia Carnivals left as they have all gone to heaven because of the engine.

Thankfully the diesel Freelanders in either L series or TD4 is a much different and more reliable vehicle than its petrol brothers.


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I have got the TD version and I love it (or should I say the wife has and does ) The only thing stopping me selling my 300 Disco and replacing it with another Sorento is the 2800 kg towing limit ,that is the only place the Disco scores over the Sorento although to be fair I haven't had the Kia off road and probably never will ,that's not what it was bought for .


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