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  1. Totally agree , I’m completely over it and don’t even bother looking at any pictures of it or reading any of the Land Rover sponsored blurb in the papers and online , I only look in this thread to read the amusing rants for and against 🤣
  2. I know it’s a bit late now but on Landy’s Range Rovers etc if I’m taking the engine out I always prefer to take out and install the engine and box as one unit, without the transfer box , they are a damn sight easier to bolt together on the floor of the workshop . Obviously if I’m just taking the box out (on a lift ) then that’s what I do . Might help you for next time.
  3. Would love to go full EV with MUD but the tech just ain’t there yet , maybe my retirement present to myself (30 years probably!)
  4. Now see here young man , we’ll have not if this modern talk around here .Next you’ll be wanting new fangled things like pneumatic tyres and electric headlights !
  5. More like a fire hazard when welding 😬🔥
  6. D1’s do go at the back end eventually, from the transfer box forward they never rot , the built in chassis lubrication system takes care of that 🤣
  7. Or your fuel system/fuel tank isn’t venting therefore creating a vacuum
  8. You’re right though fridge , LR fixed the rotten bodies but sent the chassis the other way !
  9. Each to their own , I’m going off my own experience which has never given positive results and led me to the conclusion that there is only one way to fix a leaky radiator. No offence meant or taken James
  10. Thanks for that Mudmonkey , very helpful 👍🏻
  11. Yeah we can probably do that Will cheers , I’ll be in touch
  12. You might as well crack an egg in to the rad , just as effective! I still say there is only one cure for a leaky rad
  13. As long as Defenders are available second hand does any of this really matter ? The luddites and the purists can take their pick from a basic 2 1/4 petrol 90 right up to the last Tdci 110 xs which let’s face it apart from a little bit of electronics is the same vehicle whilst the trend followers and modern buyer (?) can pay through the nose for the latest Defender (when it’s finally released) PLUS once the new one is released there will be plenty of high spec (high spec 🤣) REAL defenders on the market for those who prefer it . It’s a win win as far as I can see . 23 pages of discussion proves that there is s great passion for the defender and land rovers in general although god knows why as Land Rover the company couldn’t give two hoots about the loyal owners of “classic” landies who are the ones who built the legend . Makes no odds to me , I can’t afford a new defender and from what I’ve seen of it so far I don’t want one either , I’m happy with my 110 (or should I say I will be when it’s built ) . Just my tuppence worth James
  14. Also need to reinstate the full chassis as it’s bobtailed at the mo (a moment of madness) will make my own 1/4 chassis as I want to make my own heavy duty rear crossmember , I have a plasma cutter and a friends 110 for a template so no problems there
  15. And the motor will have a roll cage which will be/carry a low profile roof rack , I’ve made rollcages before but might have to outsource the bending this time as I would like it in CDS and I only have a plumbers type pipe bender not a mandrel bender . I’m not bad at bodywork either . This is a bobtailed bullnosed traybacked disco 200 , engine 10 inches back in the chassis etc etc . For sale if anybody wants it
  16. Also have this bobtailed 110 body to cut up and use as needed , hoping to use this for the b post bulkhead so that I don’t have to cut up the new Hicap bulkhead that I have
  17. So plan on using these , either the full piece inc the quarter light or just the square , depends how it looks , obviously the whole unit slides out of the disco door inc the leccy motor 👌🏻
  18. When I worked full time as a mechanic it horrified me to find that 3 yr old motors getting their first mot and non main stealer service 9 times out of 10 had never even had their rear wheels removed , bloody things were usually glued on ! I worked at “a back street garage “ or as we preferred to be called An independent garage . The younger mechanics couldn’t fix anything without diagnostics BUT that is all the college trains them in nowadays. Luckily I’m old school and grew up pulling tractors and stock cars apart although I did end up doing all the 4x4 work ☹️I did get freelander clutches down to a fine art though !
  19. Alas no , having discussed it with SWMBO we have agreed that funds won’t allow it at the moment however that does mean I can concentrate on MUD . I have been looking at how I can use disco 1 rear door windows for the rear door(s) in the Hicap, updates and fotos by the weekend
  20. Maverik has thrown a spanner in the works 🤨
  21. All positive encouragement 👍🏻I’m not completely mad then , excellent
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