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Paul Humphreys

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You think these are good questions?

10A. Do you, if ever, use land illegally for your activity? For example using farmers' land without permission or using footpaths for motorised vehicles / horses / bicycles.

10B. If yes, how often?

16. Do you believe that your activity has any effect on the countryside / other countryside users? Please tick all that apply Disturbance to other users

Disturbance to wild animals / birds

Disturbance to farm stock

Damage to track surfaces

Noise disturbance to local residents

Inconvenience to land owners / farmers

Inconvenience to other countryside users

Widening of paths into fields


Benefits the local economy

Interesting spectacle to passers by

Involves local youngsters

Creates jobs for local residents


The last Tw%ty question I saw like this was a US Imigration question:

Are you or hve you ever been a terrorist?

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