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Re cut 1/8npt to m10x1.0 m


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Now in my search for adaptor perfection I've still got a small obstacle in the way of a 1/8npt to 10x1.0 transition to make, I'm sure I read that it was possible to re cut the male 1/8npt to male M10 fine... can anyone confirm this at all, I'd prefer not to have to trial this on one of my spare threads...

Cheers Mav

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Hey VB, thanks for the kind offer, but its ok, I found a fitting on the fleebay and it arrived today, still awaiting the LR part adaptor thingy for the banjo fitting, being frigged about by another fleebay seller, he'll be getting a not so polite review when (if) it ever arrives...

Then I might be asking you for an adaptor project challenge :i-m_so_happy:.... you'd laugh at how many adaptors I've got sat on my workbench....

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