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Ex MoD Defender 90 wiring


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MoD 90's/110s are all 12v with rare exceptions.

If it has the old style glass fuses, the clips that hold them in place get dirty and corroded - give the offending fuse a wiggle and you may find wipers speed up or headlamp comes on.

Check the headlamp connector plug with a voltmeter to see if it's getting power first, then you'll know if it's bulb or fuse or connector

The lucas bullet connectors also get dirty and corroded, so undo and clean up any that are on an offending circuit.

Also check and clean earth points - there's one under the wiper motor.

Hazard lights - probably just need a new hazard light switch but theres a good fault finding thread on the forum to help narrow down the problem.

Military loom is the same as the civilian one, military ones just have a couple of extra add ons for convoy lights and rotary switch but you can still connect these in.

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can I have the red tape when you're done?

My only advice here is take it one thing at a time and trace it all right back to the relays and battery, replace anything and everything that looks messed up and make sure its earthed and works properly before you get distracted by the next bit. other than that....I wish you good luck and lots of coffee ;)

oh and some unique coloured tape for anything you already traced.

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