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Thickish Brown and Red bulkhead wire

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Help please on identifying a wire.

I am into my 2nd year of rebuilding a 200tdi 90 and have a spare wire.

I have a thichins Brown (with Red tracer) coming out of the loom about 3 inch from where the loom comes through the bulkhead into the engine bay. it has an eye termination on the end of the wire and is about 10 inch long.

I have traced the wire back to behind the dash binnicale but loose where it goes. Will try again later when i can remove more of the dash panels.

I have tried to take a photo but its too dark on my phone so will try again when i get home.

Does anyone know where this terminates within the engine bay please?

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Thick Brown with Red trace is 12v feed from terminal 1 on the ignition switch to number 4 glowplug on 2.5 n/a & TD engined vehicles. NOT used for a 200tdi retro-fit.

if you remove it completely please make sure the ignition switch terminal is covered/insulated as it is still 12v live when ign is on/engine running.

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Thanks Western your a star as always.

You mention 200tdi retro fit - mine is a genuine Defender 200tdi - So will i need to connect it?

Its a 1991 200tdi so assume its part of the swap over period from TD to 200tdi?

Thanks again

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