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intermitant wash wipe upgrade help

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Hi all, does anyone know from what year Land Rover fitted intermitant front wipers to the Defender ? Because I'm confused its a 110 200tdi I am rebuilding and I bought the harness from autosparks as it was listed in the wiring harnesses for my vin number, I've just fitted my td5 clocks and warning panel and when I came to fit the new wiper harness prc 8295 it doesn't fit. I've got the later stalk fitted PRC7370G and the wiring on the stalk matches up to the main loom perfectly which suggests that I've already got intermitant wipers fitted, and the wiper loom wiring on one end matches to the stalk but the other end doesn't match the main loom.

Does anyone agree with my thinking or is that how the loom is? is the relay for the factory fitted intermitant wipers by the fuse box if so does anyone know the part number so I can check if that's there?

any help would be greatly appreciated cheers Ian

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Relay is red cased amr2341, should be behind the fuse box metal panel, if your stalk stays in the down position, intermittent wipers is already fited, I put a thread on here years ago after converting my '89 110, the link is in the tech archive index, in electrical section IIRC, or just do a in forum search.


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cheers western yes got a red relay but its a prc 6342 I think should have checked , just took it that as it was listed in autosparks section for my vin number that it wasn't fitted :blush: so got a brand new intermitant wiper harness if anyone needs one . what a numpty :hysterical: .

cheers Ian

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no not sure about the part number I know its red and it starts prc will have a look in the morning, it looks like the relay in your picture but I would say it was an original one or an old one. checked the wires going into it and they match the loom from autosparks .

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