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Stupid me!

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Guest diesel_jim

You might remember a while ago i was asking for any diagnosis on the fault on my PAS on the 90 i just finished building (which is now for sale, if anyone wants a bare-chassis-built-up red 1992 300Tdi truck cab!)

The fault was, with a brand new pump (bought from Billing a couple of years back from the M&D stall) i have no PAS assistance at all.After cussing M&D for possibly selling me a duff pump, i figured that it might be the steering box, as that had sat on the chassis on my drive for a year or 3, and although i had it covered with stuff, i though rain water might have got into it and maybe rusted up some pressure relief valves or something? :unsure:

anyway, i won a pump on eblag for a tenner! so i met the chap last week (at the LR experience place when i had a free play with a disco 3.... nice!!! :D ) and got to work last weekend fitting it.

When i pulled the "new" pump off, i remember looking into one of the pipes when i fitted it, and thinking to myself "ooh, the inside of that pipe looks like it's plastic lined".....



and on poking said plastic "lining" with a screwdriver, look what came out......






how stupid do i feel? still, at least i've got a spare new Tdi PAS pump for the other 90! :D:D

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Your not alone....

Chnaged gearbox yonks ago on the hybrid, fitted finished turned key, NOTHING

Just Newa newa newa nerwa newa newa newaaaa .................

Much fiddling about (say 1+ Hour ish) problem sorted when I found the bare ECU plug.

Went indoors found ECU conected and it started <cough> Ooops


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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D glad its not just me who does that sort of thing

:rolleyes: You are defenatly not alone. Whilst in army fellow fitters chaged a series three engine and then took it for blast down road, usualy called road test. Thinks me thats a long road test, fitter walks in ofice stating the new engine made funny noises then stoped. After draging it back we found one seized engine due to plastic plug left in water pump inlet. The only bonus being the army had deep pockets then and lots of dirty jobs for dopey fitters.

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