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Td5 auto box, cold, won't select top gear


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A friend's car, so I'm a bit short on details, sorry.

It hums along in third, refuses to select fourth until warmed up. Not sure when it started to do this, but can get any other info required. It's been remapped if that makes any difference. I've no experience on autos so any helpful thoughts gratefully received, thanks!

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How long until it's warm enough ?

My D2td5Auto are warm enough after approx 1.5-2 km abnd it locks in 4th when I do more than 83km/h on the speedo (86km/h GPS), running 245/75R16 tires.

no big difference on the ouside temperature, I think it's the same from -5 - +20 degrees celsius.

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More info
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Thanks for the replies.

It'll help warm it up I suppose, just seems to take longer than we think it should.

I'll ask about the fluid colour.

That's interesting, only 1-2km, I think his Disco takes much much longer, some 10 miles (16km's or so?).

I'll ask about the fluid colour.

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The engine is not warm until we've driven 3-5 km, but the Gearbox is happy after 2 km and locks in at 86km/h if traficc will allow. New thermostat last year, and i've driven with an electrical fan since may. (no time to order a new one before leaving for Poland). The fan is manually controlled, using the fog light switch, so it's seldom used.


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