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  1. I have an early bolt on pinion bearing series diff that is rough to turn. I removed the pinion seal and the bearing in there spins easily with a screwdriver. when turning the output flange it seems to notch round. I can count ten notches to a turn. Is this the pinion gears damaged? the crown wheel looks good
  2. Thanks both. I attacked it with the needle files last night and the nut is now going on a few turns. It is still getting stuck though so I have invested in one of those thread repair files. I really hate throwing something away and spending £70 when there is nothing really much wrong with it There are 18 threads per inch in case anyone is interested!
  3. Does anyone know what the thread is on a series stub axle (presume they are all the same and the same as a defender as the lock nuts are the same part) Wondering if I can try and use a thread repair file to sort the only very slightly damaged end thread instead of replacing it Thanks Sam
  4. Thanks for the advice on this. I stripped it and gave it all a good clean up last night and then reassembled. It is now as smooth as the other diff with the same amount of backlash A few pounds saved! :-)
  5. I am going to do exactly that. Makes sense to put the diff in the back which is always load bearing which has never had a problem
  6. I have tried, but I just can't get the nut to go on without cross threading. Maybe need to have spend a little more time/patience!
  7. Thanks all. Will clean it out with brake cleaner and re oil it and see where I go from there. If it seems acceptable I may just put it in the front axle and use the one that is 100% in the back axle. Just a stub axle damaged thread to sort now!
  8. I have the manual somewhere thanks. Is it worth just taking the diff out of the casing, cleaning up the bearings with brake cleaner and the compressor and seeing if that sorts it? Guess I have nothing to lose welcome to pop over Steve. Not about this weekend but will be the one after, just drop me a text
  9. I guess the question is how difficult it it to change the bearings and do I need any special tools to set it back up? are there 10 teeth on the pinion gear?
  10. visually the pinion looks fine and looks to mesh fine with the crown wheel. I guess there is not much I can do with it?
  11. I pick my chassis up from Richards chassis next week and I may be able to borrow a lwb sprinter. the chassis is 4370cm long and 152cm wide per the old one looks like from online that the sprinters are either 4300 or 4700 long. It would go diagonally on it's side if the shorter measurement is correct. Does anyone for see any problems in transporting it that way? will have to measure the sprinter if it is an option but thought someone on here may have collected one in a van before. otherwise it is the RR and trailer which will make things a pain to secure overnight. thanks Sam
  12. Sounds like I was worried about nothing! Thanks all
  13. As part of my Series 2a rebuild I will be changing all the brake pipes, as part of a massive parts list I sent to all the various suppliers I included the part numbers for the standard steel pre formed brake pipes. Paddocks rang me and suggested I don't go down that route and instead buy an Automec kit. What are people's thoughts? I guess a positive points is they are copper so won't rust but will they work harden and snap? Also I like the idea of the pre formed ones as they are more original. This truck will live in the dry so rusty brake pipes is not going to be an issue for years to come
  14. I have seen a couple of D5's now and I think they are a disappointment to look at (not driven one yet), having said that I hated the D3 when they first came out and the looks of the D3/4 have now really grown on me Guess we will grow to love it!
  15. Yes both plugs, which makes this tool even more important as Land Rover in their wisdom located the second one to the back of the engine directly over the subframe! Guess you know that though
  16. The 4.4 TDV8 has no dipstick (oil level checked from the dashboard) but in place of the dipstick tube is a tube going to that sump 'plug' fitting. The oil vacuum pump pipe wouldn't even go down it so I used some rubber pipe on the top of that tube and joined it to the pump tube
  17. I bought a Pela 14 litre one the other day (not cheap at £105!) as the 4.4TDV8 engine on my old mans Range rover does not have a normal sump plug. It has a fitting which points towards the side of the car with a plastic push fit connector on it. If you try and drain it via the sump oil will go everywhere except where you want it! We used the Pela and measured just under 9.5 litres out in 15 mins. I used this time to change the air filters and the cabin filter. Once done we took the push fit connector off and only managed to get an egg cup full of oil out. I also tried it on a 300tdi but struggled to get all the oil out and dropped the sump for the last litre. I guess they work better on some cars than other and it is worth measuring the oil coming out to make sure you have got it all. We will always use it on the TDV8 Range Rovers now just to reduce the mess created!
  18. The vehicle in question is a 110 that was previously a 200tdi but now a 300tdi (fitted prior to my ownership), but I suspect this could affect any Tdi hence in International. The truck runs fine with full power most of the time, and then will suddenly lose all power and even get to the point it stalls. If stood for a few minutes it will then run fine again in most cases. I did 30 trouble free miles in it at the weekend, and then in two 1.5 mile trips it did it to me twice. Problem first occurred last weekend and I changed the fuel filter in case it was blocked., this has made no difference I have a new lift pump on order and intend to fit it and blow through all the fuel lines this weekend. Is there anything else I should be doing/checking? Is really odd as its 100% fine most of the time Thanks Sam
  19. I know nothing about it, but please post pictures of your trailer!
  20. Hi everyone I am pretty confident I have found the problem, fuel lines blown through, lift pump changes and intercooler hoses checked. The lift pump was totally knackered when operated by hand off the truck! I also discovered that whoever changed it from a 200 to 300tdi decided to plumb the lift pump in before the fuel filter! That's all now corrected too. Few pictures of the old girl
  21. Thanks everyone, I will investigate thoroughly at the weekend and report back
  22. Hmmm, worth investigating. I can get to the tank pretty easily as it is a tipper, I will blow the lines back into a container to see if I find anything. Annoyingly it is now completely full of diesel!