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  1. Kurt

    90 300tdi mudflaps

    More specifically 90 td5 mudflaps and brackets - will they fit 300tdi chassis? cheers 😊
  2. Kurt

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you too! 😎
  3. Kurt

    300Tdi Timing Belt Tension

    Used 11nm on mine with no ill effect. I believe the revision of the torque figure is to stop the belt from pulling the injector pump pulley out of line and causing belt wander.
  4. Kurt

    Could this work?

    Shut my recently rebuilt passenger door shut yesterdarday and heard the faint ping of a small screw hitting the inside of the bottom of the door now the lock is inoperative. Job for today. Oh the joys....
  5. Do parts described as oem mean anything anymore? I have had injector studs stretch and snap far below the required torque. Same recently , and far more worrying , with swivel to axle bolts , Vented fuel cap with no ventilation the list goes on..... all described as oem???
  6. Kurt

    Windscreen Woes

    As above is the screen located in the right groove? Recently fitted a new screen in my own using a ( shock horror! ) Britpart seal and it fitted perfectly.
  7. Kurt

    300TDi Vacuum Pump

    Sorry that is meant to be unipump not unipart
  8. Kurt

    300TDi Vacuum Pump

    Noticed my 300tdi has has a britpart pump fitted by a previous owner and have owned the car for nearly 5 years. Works fine but maybe i am just lucky. Other than that try googling unipart 300tdi vac pumps have heard good things about them.
  9. Kurt

    Dipstick Oil Blowing

    Blocked crankcase breather? Any exhaust smoke? If so what colour?
  10. Rebuilding mine at the moment and my frame to bulkhead has a bit of a gap but only at the ends? I might have to pack a bit of butyl in there. I used roof and gutter sealant on my roof to frame after fitting a new seal.
  11. Kurt

    Dinitrol question

    Wondering if anybody has any experience of using it on the engine facing side of the bonnet and will it be ok? It is the hard protective wax 4941im intending on using. On the can it says it is resistant to spray painting oven temps.
  12. Kurt

    Squeaking Brakes!

    Wondering if this could be caused by a sticking caliper piston?
  13. Kurt

    Starting woes

    Had something similar with mine. Turned out to be the ignition switch in the end.
  14. Kurt

    What is the black mastic LR use?

    Was going to chime in with a suggestion of Eldro Dum Dum but a quick google search points to it being no longer available....
  15. Kurt

    Transfer box linkage removal

    Thank you Western that explains quite nicely.

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