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  1. I know a guy who rebuilds lt95's in the uk still, I wouldnt suggest getting your shipped there and back but if you keep an eye on our ebay they go for peanuts. I just bought a working one for £20 and the lt95 should be a straight swap. have it shipped to him within the uk for a rebuild then out to you. you also then have all the spares in your other boxes should the **** hit the fan int he middle of nowhere. btw I admire your running a rrc in such a location. you should fit a p76 v8 too
  2. if no one has taken you up on it I would be very interested!
  3. bin the toothed restrictors, they were juet fitted so it wasnt as fast as other leyland saloon cars for sales reasons
  4. let us know , as I have to do this soon and its either that or dress the trans tunnel back a lot so it comes out with the gearbox unmoved lol
  5. Take the part number on to the LR direct site. I got mine from there for £24 and its a very nice allmakes PR2
  6. I would say they are the same up to about 85 when the 5 speed box was available. stick to 80 and below stuff to be safe but it all fits.
  7. you can get a fault code reader for the 14 cux ecu on ebay for £50
  8. I saw some good 2 door wings at rimmer bros on sale a while back
  9. Fett


    yes . but i did find a bit more welding to do and that the O/D only had about 1/3L of oil in it whilst I was under there, :doh: !
  10. Fett


    all sorted , lol the hose clip holding the rubber gater on the front prop had come loose and was beating the fook outa the collector lol
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