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  1. I used a early cast iron rangie pump as they can be tuned - drilled and springs enlarged but still not quite good enough at tickover but thanks will look into the 300 tdi pump
  2. I was wondering what pumps you guys use for full hydro steer and to ask if anybody has found a cheap secondhand pump of ebay or scrappy ? like a lorry or coach pump maybe that works well ? Just need a little more power to mine as on tickover its a little hard to steer -
  3. Took the camera up the workshop to get the pics - and he's moved up to his house But yes Soren sounds like you had the same detailed headlining in yours with many pieces making it look real posh and a very expensive extra when new i would bet. I asked another friend who has restored a few series 2's and he said he'd seen one with a headlining that also had door cards as well from new thanks for your reply's
  4. A mate of mine has just bought a series 2 pick up with plans to restore and when i looked it's got a full cream headlining ? Been around landy's for 30 + years i have to say i've never seen this on a series ? looks like was fitted from new ? Anybody could tell me anything about this would be good thanks I will take a picture over the weekend
  5. We used this type many many year ago and after nearly every trial under the car fixing it the trouble with them is shaft twist - then the sliding dog don't slide and jams some say they have got better now ?
  6. Just thought i'd show you Rizla 2 - with full hydro on rover axles with the LHD swivel and with en24 homemade link arms with balljoints - all sits nice and level and steers okay offroad .
  7. Hi Soren - Yes mate Rizla 2 axles are now sold to a guy in Finland Have also sold LS1 and TH400 to Norway and the new Rizla ice car will be Land cruiser axles and Lexus V8 with nitrous - see you at beach tour this year ?
  8. Okay thanks for that
  9. Can anybody tell me the weight of my pair of salisbury axles ? or near weight ? thanks
  10. Could anybody give me a lead where to get 60mm clamps to hold the hydro ram on the axle ?? any help would be real nice thanks
  11. I bought some cheap hoodies from the market thinking they be okay in the workshop - wrong They had 2 little ropes that pulls the hood tight - well while grinding with my 4 1/2 with a grinding disc in it grabbed hold of the dangling rope and rolled itself up and smacked me under the chin nearly knocking me out - and leaving and huge round cut and burn under my chin, if it had been a 1mm cutting disc i think i be dead or have a big hole in my throat. The farmer last week was in A/E nearly cut his thumb off with his 1mm grinder - no guard holding the metal in one hand and grinder in other - he won't do that again
  12. Funny enough i just cut up a Range rover lse that was L reg and full armour in white - had a RPI engine with 110 axles and wolf wheels, full weight was just under 3 ton I was told it was used by SAS ? looked the same as any other R/R until you got close there's a black disco in the yard where i bought it - the same full armour
  13. Just said on the news 2000 people had to sleep in there cars at Basingstoke
  14. Hi Lara - What do you wanna know ? 33" high - 20" wide - 500 quid each and to be used north east of you