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  1. Two questions really. Has anyone run 255 85 16 tyres on standard 90 suspension? What experience and or opinions do people have on Toyo open country MT’s? thanks in advance
  2. Ok thanks for the info. Best I start looking for an axle me thinks.
  3. Hi all. Just wondered if anyone has fitted a 300 24 spline front axle to a Defender 110 200 tdi? My 200 axle is shot (sloppy diff, discs, Pads, Calipers, and swivels). Seems like a good idea to source a mint as possible 24 spline unit and fit the whole thing. So far as I can tell should bolt straight up except for maybe the prop. Also i believe the 110 Defender brakes are bigger? Really would be nice to hear from someone who has done this before. Thanks in advance Bill
  4. Thanks for the replies.Looks like injector seals should be the first of call.
  5. Hi I have been asked by a good friend to ask on here if fuel leaking into the oil on his 2002 Disco TD5 is a known problem? He has got the idea from somewhere that it may be due to a cracked head? Should probably point out at this stage that we haven't even pulled the rocker cover of yet, he is just rather anxious to known if it's a common fault. Thanks in advance Bill
  6. Just wondered if anyone could kindly recommend any LR friendly campsites as a base for laning in the Strata Florida area?
  7. Ok thanks very much for the replies, always good what works for others.
  8. I see a lot of you run rear mount rads and just wondered what you had done with the Engine oil cooler and Inter cooler? I'm building a budget hybrid trialer with a Disco 300tdi. My plan is to rear mount the Rad,blank of the oil cooler and pipe the Turbo straight to the inlet manifold. Seems the best option on the face of it as it's quickest and cheapest, and i can't see them doing me much good at low speed and coated in mud, also may reduce Turbo lag?
  9. Hi I think it's well worth you both checking carefully that you have the correct banjo bolts fitted to the feed and return pipes on the Injection pump. I know it sounds a bit daft but I have known it cause exatly the fault described, as the hole in the return banjo bolt is smaller than the feed hence fuel starvation at mid to high revs. HTH
  10. Hi all I have been offered a Superwinch H14 hydraulic at a very good price. It does not however include the pump. Now I know some people run hydraulic winches from power steering pumps. So my question is can I run an h14 in this way?
  11. Thanks for the reply, couldn't go in the end as had to take the dog to the emergency vets. Never mind.
  12. Could anybody tell me if the ALRC nationals are open for public spectators? or is it ALRC members only? Thanks in advance.
  13. Not sure but as far as I can remember 200tdi pump bolt holes are not sloted, however the pump timing could well still be wrong. If the previous owner of the pump has undone the centeral nut in error as opposed to the three 8mm bolts then the timing will have moved (no woodruf key they rely on the tapper). Unfortuatly this can only be checked with a Dial test indicator and a special adaptor. I would just take the pump off and take it to a diesel fuel sytem specialist, last time they charged me £20 to check and adust it.
  14. Thanks Les,I now recall it was a cam bearing that can move and cause oil pressure to drop. First port of call will be the oil pressure switch as you suggest. Bill
  15. Hi all The oil light has just started coming on at idle on my 200tdi powered series3. I seem to recall reading somthing on a forum about a core plug that works loose (pressumably on the main oil gallery)? Just wondered if this rings a bell with any one.
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