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Insurance Claim, Quick Offer (And Good)


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Hi All,

Had the 110 pinched on the 27/28 November, reported on this forum. Anyway then started the nightmare of making a claim with the insurers, Highway,( Adrian Flux ). Expecting all sorts of carp and your 110 is only worth £10 etc etc.

But easy to deal with no forms to fill in, all done on phone, just send them the documents they asked for( mot, v5, Photos etc).

Recieved phone call this AM from the insurers, stating all done our offer is........ what i had it insured for, no arguments etc, cheque will be with you by Tuesday at the latest.

To say i am impressed is the understatement, the last time i made a claim about 15 years ago it took about 6 month to finally sort out.

Top marks to Adrian Flux as the Agent.

Regards Keith


Just as a point the insurers said because i sent them Photos, it made their job easier to value the 110 and all its extras

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Glad that is sorted for you. When I set in photos of my 90 with the mod list the agents had the underwriters come back asking Q's on what exactly I used the 90 for (I don't think the swimming pics helped but I wanted to be honest). :)

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Bit of a result,nice that its turned out ok.I had a subaru impreza stolen about 5 years ago and it took them 6 months to even make an offer let alone a resonable offer :angry:

Adrian Flux deserve a pat on the back for that service,nice to know you arent just a number

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