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Painting a galvanised chassis?

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What is the optimal way to paint a galvanised chassis (black) - in this case just the rear cross member?
As in what are the best products to use, number of coats of each etc

(I'm booked into having it done next month and keen to question how it will be done forearmed with some knowledge 😉


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I normally give it a light sanding just to get it clean, a coat of etch primer and whatever top coat.

For the rear crossmember where it gets knocked and scuffed regularly it's better to get it done in a hard finish like 2k satin black rather than acrylic out of a can. 

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11 minutes ago, Farmerfred said:

I have just had a new galv chassis under my '94 90 Defender County, I did consider painting it but decided to leave it shiny, it gets noticed by more people and all very positive. Why spend more money having it painted when it's already cost you two and a half grand?

IMO I like the standard black look rather than shiny (as it doesn't stay that way for long!)

But it also highlights it to the bad guys sadly if its shiny.

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Galv does rot, eventually, so paint can prolong the live of a galv chassis.

For mine, I'm going with the buzz weld galv in one paint. I'll probably over coat with their wax product as well.

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