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Low voltage to glow plugs

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1985 2.5NA 110

I was having trouble starting by 110 in cold weather (ok, what passes for cold weather in tucson, az) and started looking at the glow plugs, as it would start right up when the temperature was warmer in the day.

OK, when I disconnect the glow plug cable and measure where it attaches to the first plug, I read 12.2V when I engage the plugs.  When I connect the cable, I read 9.2V.

Anyone seen this problem?   Plugs are about 5 years old.



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Is your battery in good shape?

Have you taken the plugs out and energised them to see if they glow hot at the tip when 12v is applied to them?

Use a multimeter if you have one and check the resistance for each plug. High resistance = a bad plug. If you replace them, avoid cheap plugs. I only use Beru.

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Glow plugs draw a heavy current, voltage drop across them will be significant.

Though, 12.2V from your battery shows it is weak, this will also cause the voltage drop to be greater than normal.

I don't think you will find a problem with the plugs, operation sounds normal, even if at lower voltage. You can test them by removing and giving them 12V, the tip should glow a nice red/orange.

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