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It is unusual for me to look in the tech archive before asking the forum as a whole but I just did and I found exactly what I was looking for - albeit a link to Pirate4x4. What a useful resource, well done to White90 for managing, collating and indexing it and to all those who have contributed to it... I will be adding to the system later. :)


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A big thanks from me too - had loads of knowledge and inspiration from the tech archive, be it winches (hydro and the nasty kind), suspension, driveline, or engine transplant - most of the jobs i've done have been augmented by the tech archive in some way

Thank you to all the contributors - SteveG, Les Henson, JST, White90, to name but a few who spring to mind

Thank you to Tony (white90) for looking after it all

Lewis :)

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I usually do a search but forget to include the archive, ask a question and someone links straight back to it for me :ph34r: but indeed, an excellent resource. I put a tenner into the forum funds when I used the Archive to do my cam belt, since it saved me many times that in labour for someone else to do it.

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Your very welcome and gald to hear (PMs) that your now getting there after I crawled under you 90 and gave you good news.

The Tech forum is damned fine and getting better all the time thanks to many who have the time inclination and dedication to post up their work, your find (Sir) Les H sections one of the most prolific and will be of great help to you and others I'm sure.

Nice to have memebrs actually credit the tech forum as being of use, some tech articles recently have been written, but the posts that follow on it seem to be derogatory to the initial poster, which IMHO is both destructive and disheartening for those who are just trying to show their dedication to the forum with their time and effort added to the job with pics and text on a how to basis.

Just becuause many of us know how to do it should not have us forget many don't and we should encourage more tech posts not annoy those who make the effort to advise with snide comments ?

Anyway, this post could IMHO not come at a better time, for those members reading this just think - can you also add to the tech forum the next time you do a job ?

It is just one of the reasons that this forum is for me one of the best on the net, and UK wise I think THE Best

But then again as a mod I'm bias :lol:


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