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Wiring connectors advise - 1985 110 19J Engine

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Hi, sorry for another wiring drama but can anyone please help before I go insane...

1.  Whats this 7 pin (one Male and 6 female)  connector for please?  Off the bulkhead loom,  looks to have been largely unused other than reversing switch (Green Brown).  Other wires (all females) are White, Yellow White, Lime Green, Purple Orange and Green.


2. These two female connectors Lime Green and White Orange.  What are these and where would they connect?

3.  Whats this Green (male) and Green Brown(?) female for and where on earth do they connect?  Looks to coming from the gearbox - reversing switch perhaps? Looks like a rejoined wire to the Green may not be original.

I can't make head or tail of the Haynes wiring diagrams and the card tags I attached 4 years ago..... whoops...

Really appreciate any thoughts.

Whats this connector for.jpg

Unconnected female green and white orange.jpg

Unconnected Green and Green Brown.jpg

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Do you know if your vehicle was a diesel version when it left the factory? That may well make a difference to some of the wiring which would explain any confusion.

For example, if your vehicle was originally a 1985 90 Hard Top fitted with the 19J diesel turbo engine; your VIN will start SALLDVAB.

It is the 8th character that denotes the engine type.

B= 19J Diesel Turbo

C= 12J NA diesel

D= 17H petrol

E= 3.5L V8 carb petrol

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That will more than likely explain the unused wires you have. Green/brown is the reversing light switch. White is 12v feed from the ignition switch

Yellow/white - I don't know. Something to do with the ignition coil when it was a petrol?? I don't recognise those from my 1988 19J diesel. Sorry I can't be of further help.



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