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Hoses left over on a 3.9 EFI


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What was I doing! I'm putting the plenum back on my Vogue SE and my ref photos are pants. I think when I was taking them I was thinking 'I've done this before, I'll remember'. Big mistake. I've got two soft rubber vacuum hoses with nowhere to go, was hoping someone could tell me what they're for. 

The first one comes out of the base of the ram stack part of the plenum, near the front on the left side looking in. It runs across the front of the engine towards the near side arch [and easily makes it that far]. It's got an ID of about 4mm. It's not the cruise control, that's accounted for.

The other one comes out of the passenger side with the wiring that comes from the passenger compartment through the side of the scuttle. It's long to and could almost make it to the front of the car. It's smaller with an ID of about 2mm. 

Any ideas? I've accounted for all other hoses and fittings and I don't think I've left any components off the engine so can't guess where these are supposed to go. Can do pics or video later of that helps.


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Thanks mate, but nope, vacuum advance already accounted for.

I just twigged it for both of them, it was staring me in the face and I couldn't see the wood for the trees. They both go to a ball cock looking sphere in the well forward of pax inner wing. Don't even know what it's for but obviously some sort of pressure reservoir. Knew I hadn't taken anything else off the car, and both hoses seemed to lead to the pax inner wing... solved!

Sorry for the time wasted, mods delete if you so wish :)

Thanks again Geoff!

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Found it listed on ebay as "Range Rover Classic 87-94 Heater AC Recirc Vacuum Reservoir Tank". That explains why the smaller pipe comes out of the bulkhead on the passenger side.

Since then I've realised the replacement air box I got for the original rusted out one, isn't the same at all. It's missing a support bracket and doesn't have an angle in the elbow for the MAF. So now I'm into a cut 'n' shut airbox. On top of that my motor factors can get all distributor related parts except a condenser :blink: and somehow there is a connector coming from both front doors that has no counterpart under the dash.

I hate cars. :lol:




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It's sitting right in the middle of the N/S battery tray and I saw some posts by people who moved them to the bulkhead to make room for a split charge system. I don't need one thanks FF, just went looking to see what it was for and ebay had the best pic.


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The 3.9s, and indeed the efi 3.5s don't have a condenser in the dizzy, it is all electronic. So if you managed to order points for it, we'll done! :)

The 3.9 dizzy has an amp on the side (notoriously unreliable) and the 3.5s have an amp under the coil on the wing (not quite so unreliable).

Sounds like you may have a 3.5 airbox there..


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That explains a lot. Having said that there's a condenser on my car wired to the coil on the N/S inner wing. The car was running fine* before I took it apart and the reason I called the factors for a replacement is because the condenser's so rusty it actually has holes in it! 

Hey at least the corrosion on the car was universal :D


*The RR would start and run without issue, so long as you didn't touch the accelerator before starting. I've yet to get to the bottom of that one, but I've done a lot of homework. First thought was the TPS but seemingly it doesn't come into play until the car is actually rolling, so a bad TPS shouldn't effect start, idle or even revving at stand still. When I stripped the plenum I found that the IACV had been almost fully sheared off it's threads so there was likely air getting in through its mounting. I can't see how that'd cause the weird starting thing though, and again the car was idling and driving fine. It's an odd one, but not a big deal for now while I know the 'knack' of not touching the throttle.

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