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Strange 300tdi noise

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It sounds like the injection pump to me as I'm having the exact same issue on my 300Tdi Discovery. I've been running my Discovery on normal diesel and I decided to try some veg oil (as I run 25/75 in my 200Tdi 110 anyway) and ever since then I've had a fuel starvation issue.

I've replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the gauze filter in the lift pump (it's a Delphi one), blew the fuel lines out too but I suspect my issue is in the tank or sediment filter.

But for you to be sure try and get an engineers stethoscope (or a long screw driver) and see if the sound is coming from the injection pump. I suspect it is.

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Good point ,  you have reminded me of one I had in about 5 years ago that had a clear plastic in line filter grafted badly into the FIP feed line and had the same noise from the FIP . It turned out the connections on the in-line filter were allowing air in but not diesel out . I removed  it and replaced the feed pipe and all good . The most strange thing of all was that performance was unaffected  , which I found unusual .


Steve b  

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