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Anyone got a RRC handy?


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If so, could you please measure the compressed length of your rear springs seat to seat with no load in the boot?

I want to order some new springs today and forgot to measure mine before leaving home :ph34r: . D'oh!

I know that the front standard height is 10", but don't know / remember what the rear is.


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OK, with my stock RR sat a bit down at the back the spring is 10" exactly from seat to seat, I guess there's 100kg worth of cr*p in the back by the time you've added the LT230, recovery gear, tools, inflatable sheep, etc. although the springs are not doing the usual old-RR-sag thing yet.

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Thanks Fridge.

So probably an inch of sag then with all your gubbins giving a standard height of 11"? That tallies nicely with comments on Trev's website LR90.com.

I think I will look for a spring that is 13+ inches when compressed under my loads. Should make sure I avoid any saggy ar$e syndrome :)

My selection is as follows:

Front 210lb/in, free length 17.85in with 1200lbs on each corner should give a compressed length of 12".

Rear 196lb/in, free length 19in with 1050lbs on each corner ("normal" weight) gives a comp length of 13.7".

The rears may be a tad long so might look at either, the same front spring on the back, comp length of 12.9" or another 196lb/in spring with a free length slightly shorter of 18.3 giving a compressed length of 13".

Comments (of the helpful variety please! :P ) welcome.

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Bish, be careful, if those weights are total corner weights and not sprung weights it will ride an inch or more higher. So not sure what your after but you're likely to get a 3"+ lift? Other than that looks like a nice balanced choice with lots of spring travel.

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