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Correct colour? Series 3 truckcab


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Hi all


Doing some work on my 1976 NZ new Series 3 109.  Originally it had full length hard top,  but I replaced a few years ago with rather beaten up truck cab, which I find far more useable.

Question is, what colour should I paint the truck cab to keep it as original as possible.  Truck is pastel green, wheels limestone.  I think roof should be limestone and rear of truck cab should be body colour. hopefully a picture is attached to this post.

Or should the rear of the truck cab be limestone as well?


Decisions, decisions.  all advice gratefully received.


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All body colour doesn't look "right" to me, although you may well be right.  Searching the internet, there seems to be no set pattern, I guess so many have been messed about with.  I think I'll go limestone roof and back panel. If I ever go back to fully original I'll put the limestone colour full length roof back on, currently hanging from the roof in a shed.


I am only painting the roof, as it is from a  different vehicle, and its rougher than you can see. I love the patina, all done by family over the 43 years we have owned it.  I will though replace the LF guard as it's pretty bad and I happen to have a spare one.  My panel / paint guy has been tasked with painting it sympathetically...

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You should see the other side!  scratched all the way down where F in L winched it up a fence line when he got it stuck.  76,000kms on the clock, most of them labouring along in second gear with driver banging the door to chase various livestock..she was well used for first 20 or so years, semi retired these days

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