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Old windscreen wiper mark ?

Cornish Rattler

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Hi guys

Just curious really i've noticed on my n/s screen that there is a wear mark from a previous wiper blade before i have owned the 2a that goes from the bottom of the frame to the right part of the frame on the outside and just wonderd how it got there as mine is a late 2a with later wipers, just wondering if there are differend arms and blades out there that fit and would work like that as the std stroke is a bit anoying :(


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Just think - if you had a S1 you could end up with the wear pattern upside down!  (Screens are rectangular rather than tapered)

The various components in the linkage can work loose - and the wheel boxes can wear.  Careful attention may solve the problem.  You can also get polishing kits for the glass which may get rid of wear patterns.




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Cheer's guys, with mine everything is new now motor, wheel boxes, cable, arms and blades so possibly as been said maybe something or everything was worn possibly everything as the wiper assy wasn't fitted just the old motor as everything else was just hanging down due to the bulkhead being repaired and never finished by p.o :)

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