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Updating a classic interior, 2 dr seats?


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Just thinking cars again lately and this is something of a vapour trail at present as my focus is on the P38 which is off the road during the current emergency and is long overdue some attention. The classic is still 'on' the road as it has cheap tax and just before lockdown I found some cheaper insurance.

The current interior of the classic  is Disco based (not by me) but it fits where it touches and updates the driving enviroment slightly. Front seats too are D1 3 door and as the seats don't have integral seatbelts, a later style mount has been added down at the base of the B post. 

As this vehicle isn't original by any means I would like to keep the modernisation rolling gently along and improve the seats, so I have been looking out for likely candidates from 2 or 3 door vehicles, but I want to get back to seats that have the belts integrated again as the B post solution in the 2 door just doesn't please me.

Not having much luck though, the choice seems to be van/camper style items which obviously lack adjustment in most cases or at the other extreme I have found this...

GT seats

Anyone seen anything else that might be a contender?

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36 minutes ago, miketomcat said:

I would of thought some 2 door Merc sports type seats might be worth a look. Some are B pillar less so have seat belt in the seat.


Mine have the seat belt coming from what would be the bottom part of the B pillar - just under the window line. Not sure how it works on the earlier ones though.

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Mine are at floor level, which means you either kick the reel, and /or have to make sure the belt is properly home before stepping through, it just is less tidy. I suspect the later ones run the belt inside the pillar but the reel would still be anchored at the bottom

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Later 2 door RRs sold into the European market up to 92 had seat belts on the B pillar and assume it would be slightly more elegant though I haven't looked at one.  

I guess the only thing to mention if you want to swap to a seat with integral belts is the design of the original 2 door seats & how they connect to the subframe and shell structure/chassis was very heavy duty to be able to cope with the forces of a crash & just about your only slim hope if you have a bad knock in a rangie..

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5 hours ago, Eightpot said:

...... slightly more elegant ....

.... which is kind of where & how I see the seat mounted solution, ..... I am sure there is provision for anchoring the original seat base and I will make sure it is up to scratch before I bolt anything down .  There are many compromises to classic ownership but the current seatbelt solution is not one I plan to live with long term.  The attraction of the RRC 2 dr (for me) is rooted in the simple pleasing design and I want everything I do to blend as seemlessly as poss.:D

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