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Useful metal sizes to get?


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I don’t have any bins I can raid so I need to buy in some metal. I need some box section for some seat rails so I might as well get a few other bits as well. What else is useful size and grades for general Land Rover and bracketing ? 

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Most useful I've had is 20x20 box. Other stuff I've had is massively oversized because I used to go raiding Pyramid Steel in Aldershot when I lived in Surrey. Good source of inch plus thick plate.

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It's probably not worth paying for it but if you can have a trip somewhere don't underestimate the value of large lumps of steel for whacking stuff against.

I picked up a couple of I beams and a load of box section off cuts (said offcuts were 4ft long and 150x6mm box). The I beams I find very handy as straight edges for plasma cutting. They're heavy enough you don't need to clamp them.

The big plates are useful as stackers for the press etc.

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40 minutes ago, FridgeFreezer said:

Yeah, random big heavy lumps are very useful for work holding when measuring / cutting / welding but you can't buy 'em like that unless you're loaded, just got to look for likely offcuts / scrap.

Or you have access to quite a bit of heavy scrap /offcuts ie for anvil making  or a temporary marking out type table that I'm in the process of building to set up my portal axles on, I'm not complaining as I am lucky to be in an offcut rich environment

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