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Plug identity - any ideas


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I think it's known as the "Grey White Eyed Plug"!?!.....Mating pairs can usually be found on the back of shelves behind dusty boxes in old warehouses, you will have to creep up real quite like as they are notoriously shy during this period!....Apparently if you startle them in the act of mating, the female can be quite aggressive!?!

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It's a Yazaki YESC 2.8 Sealed System 2-Way Connector -



I'm sure that the female connector is used on D3/D4/RR Sport - but I don't have a LR part number for it.


The male connector is used for the Puma/Tdci Defender heater blower, and is LR part number YPC900890 -



Unfortunately, this for the connector housing only, terminals and seals are not included.

Land Rover sell the terminals and seals pre-crimped to short lengths of 2.5mm² cable, part number 41841118 (418-411-18) -



These cost around £30.00 for a pack of 10

There's some on ebay at the moment, for £22.95 (inc. free UK delivery) -




This company sell both the male and female connectors as a kit, including terminals and seals -



Male connector kit -




Female connector kit -




I've not bought anything from AutoClick , so I don't know if they're selling genuine Yazaki connectors.

But, their prices are lower than I can get genuine Yakazi for - so, they're either buying in massive quantities, or from our friends in China chinese.gif


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