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Engine clicking when manually turning

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Just checking the valve clearances I believe they should be checked in the firing order 1342? Correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t yet put oil in the system is this a must? This is my first time playing with engines so please bare with me haha 

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Valve clearances should be checked by the rule of nine. " Turn the engine until any tappet goes fully down. Count the valves from the front of the engine to that valve, take that number from nine, then count to that number from the front of the engine again and adjust that valve."

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5 hours ago, Roverdrive said:

Did you put the correct thickness head gasket back on? It should be easy to turn not tight in places, unless of course you have the injectors in when you will feel resistance as the compression increases.

Yes I have the injectors in and the gasket is the correct thickness.

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