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200tdi in series 3


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ive got a late series 3, with a 90 2.5na engine on a 4 speed gearbox, wanting information on how to put a 200tdi in.

ive heard that it goes straight onto the 4 speed gearbox but i was hoping to upgrade to the 5 speed. has anyone got any diagrams or photos of how to put it in? any help welcome. :o


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it will bolt straight in considering yu have the 2.5 /a diesel in it,

it will also mate straight to the gearbox that is in it, which gearbox have you got? if its the series gearbox still then its life will be shortened by fitting a 200 tdi

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it will fix on the box no problem. You may need to remove 1 stud from the bellhousing i thinkit depends upon if its from a disco or defender. Its the pipe work that needs to be thought about. The defender engine would be easier to fit.

The fitment of an lt 77 box is another matter. You will need a different front axle with CV jonts. I have been considering this myself. It looks alot of work. A stage one front axle would work but they are expensive and hard to find. I am not sure how available spare parts aer for the stage 1 axle.

Has anyoner fitted an LT77 or an r380 to a series three???

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i kinda do too... well no i do. it just doesnt have any props/cables connected

you can make up your own props, i think your rear one considering it will be so short (around 430mm?) should be made from a classic rangie wide angle yoked one, easy enough to do, atleast it will get you on the road.

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How have you connected a series transfer box to an LT77??


unless u're very good/accurate with machining and can weld/fabricate then forget it, it cant be done with nuts and bolts, conversion plates are needed to be machined and then theres the input gear to contend with.

did i read somewhere that ashcrofts are producing their kit to do this again?

if so, pay the money, its way easier.

if not, then put the lt230 in aswell

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