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4.6 gems manifold thermostat

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I've just got my 110 V8 started on megasquirt for the first time and it runs lovely.  However, i have a leak from the thermostat housing. 

I understand the gems P38 Range Rover had a remote thermostat in a plastic housing but i've put one in the manifold behind the top hose stub as it looked the same as the earlier manifolds.  Is it ok to install one in that location or have i done something wrong?  I fitted the housing with a new gasket and a smear of silicone sealer but it still leaks.  When i pulled my old 3.5 carb top hose stub off i noticed the thermostat had no rubber sealing ring around its edge but the new one came with one so i fitted it with it but i'm now wondering if it should be fitted without?


Many thanks


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It's very, very, easy to fit it with the thermostat having dropped a touch out of the housing, suggest you remove and have a look.

You certainly can fit one on Thor, but not 100% about gems, if you can, there will be a recess in either the manifold, the housing, or both, for the thermostat to sit in.

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Dave I have exactly the same arrangement as you - I am with Bowie most likely the actual thermostat has moved while you bolted the cover up - I normally put just a very small dob of sealant and I mean small top and bottom of the thermostat to hold the thermostat in position and bolt the rest up carefully.


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