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Making space in the back


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When I first bobtailed the Rangie I mounted the original plastic tank in the back in a frame with a tool locker along side. This was about as deep as the lower tailgate and filler the back from wheel box to wheel box (I did have a piccie but can't find it now :( )

This was the cheapest way of getting the job done and was fine until she became a daily driver and space for more than a packet of jaffa cakes :wub: was required.

So I set out with my trusty tape measure and drew up this:



I recon it is about 17 gallons total so probably 16 max useable. Of course, now that she's diseasel that should be plenty :hysterical: .

Then the extremely tallented Mr Rogue Vogue set about it with his wand and here's the result:




I have to say I am rather pleased with the result! The space created is fantastic and once I mount the spare wheel vertically on the other wheel box I will have a proper load bay again :) .

A really big thank you to Nick for fabricating what is a cracking fuel tank. :i-m_so_happy:

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