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Oil versus Grease


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Dear All,

       I have started the laborious process of a full lubricant and fluid change on the Land Rover Series 2A 109 I have been restoring and mostly everything is clear and straight forward.  For the coolant I used a mix of anti-freeze and distilled water.  For the engine oil I used Castro GTX 20w50.  I have some 85 EP90 for the differentials, gearbox and transfer case.  I was told and it looks like the manual says I can use the 85 EP90 for the swivel housing too, though speaking with my Dad back in Blighty he said I could use grease instead as the seals leak oil.  Is this true and if so what type of grease is best to use?

Thanks again and hope you are all staying well.


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Oil. The universal joints inside the swivels have dozens of tiny pin rollers. These need oil. 

Later vehicles, like defenders, have CV joints, which have only six or seven moving parts, thus grease is acceptable.

Ensure that the swivel balls have no rust pits, and new seals, and you'll be fine.

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Thanks, looks like Oil and new seals it is then.  I’ll pick some new seals and retainers up and it might be a good job for the Autumn and the cooler weather as I don’t have a garage.  The bloody weather out here is not like Blighty and is stupidly hot.  Thanks to all for the advice.


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I used 1-shot grease for over a decade on my Series III with no signs of UJ, bearing, shaft or swivel pin wear when I finally replaces the swivel housings.  It works very well on the older vehicles as well as the newer generations, and is also good in the steering box if yours is weeping.  I wouldn’t recommend other greases, though - 1-shot is formulated to thin a great deal where it is agitated, so it flows well into moving parts, while staying thicker to seal well where it is not being agitated.  Normal greases don’t do that.

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