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TD5 dash heater control bulbs

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I've fitted a TD5 dash binnacle to my 110, following retroanaconda's excellent guide. However, my binnacle didnt come with the little bulbs for the heater controls. They're little push and twist bulbs that are wired through the back (not to a circuit board).

Does anyone know where I can buy some bulb holders or any other ideas that will work. I know it's not the end of the world if they dont illuminate but it would be nice to have it all working.




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The bulb holders for heater slides are part of the instrument pack loom, you should be able to get the bulb/holders from Halfords or any good car spares shop. I think they are 1.2watt, anything bigger will melt the plastic.


bulb type mentioned on here 4th line at 2. 


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Are you sure your binacle has the translucent bits to allow it to illuminate?

My friend has a NAS 90 with illuminated heater controls - and I thought I'd like some too.  On investigation, when I shone a torch in the back, no light escaped through the front - so it was not to be!

Conclusion, only some binacles have the cutouts to allow light to diffuse through.  My 2003 Td5 was not one of them.

If yours does (that's great) - just get some 12V rated LEDs & stick them on the back with hot glue or similar.  They will never blow, so you don't need to worry about making them easily replacable.


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