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Series 3 88" Station Wagon Clutch Problem


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Hi All,

Just bought a nice unmolested original Station Wagon SWB 1977 with only 46k on the clock. My problem is with the clutch which on first press goes down to the floor with good 'feel' and returns fine, BUT on the next press of the pedal, it only goes down half way and goes solid. If you try again still goes down but same place with a very solid feel, no give at all. If I leave it and try the next day, first pump goes to the floor as normal again but second pump same symptoms.

The last owner, who is a mate of mine, informs me that before the truck was put into storage a new clutch kit / master and slave cylinder were fitted and only covered a couple of hundred miles. It has been dry stored for quite a few years now so initially thought about stuck clutch plate, but I'm not sure that's the case.

Anyone else experienced this before?

Just to add I've not started the truck yet as we have a spark (or no spark) issue. I'm awaiting on a new coil/plugs/points etc. to arrive then I can get it running at least. New battery and new fuel primed and present.

Thanks in advance



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Sounds like there is air in the system, I would bleed right through as a first port of call regards Stephen

Edit what a plonker, had brakes in my head, slave cylinder could be sticking and not returning quick enough so on second push its going to full extension and stopping, it may have been in storage but could still have been exposed to moisture which will cause damage over a number of years, best to strip it out and clean up and lubricate regards Stephen

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Also check the clutch flexi pipe as they do rot internally and block.

The pushrod on the master cylinder may be too tight causing the system to not fully release and pump up if that makes sense . Rod should be loose with the pedal at rest . Is the pedal return spring fitted ? 


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I’d start by bleeding it first.  Take a look at the fluid that comes out, too.  It’ll likely be dark, but if it’s really black and in any way gritty or viscous, then you’ll be needing new cylinders.  

The hoses do perish, as mentioned, which can cause blockages or an inefficient pedal as they swell under pressure.  Have someone pump the pedal and look for ballooning or movement of the hose.  A twitch of the hose is OK, but if it moving under pressure, it is perished.  A braided Goodridge hose is a really nice upgrade, much more robust and resilient.  Demon Tweaks and other specialist sell them - I’m sure they’ll pop up in a Google search.

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