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200 tdi non start

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My bro in laws 200 tdi just wont run

it all started happening after a run to London - on the way back it began to misfire slightly and run rough. It had also pushed oil into the air inlet via the breather.

when he got it home he switched it off and it has never started again.

checked valve clearances - these were massivley out so adjusted back to what to they should be - still no start

fuel soleniod checked ok

heater plugs knackered - replaced still no start

due to a trace of oil in the water suspected head gasket - new one fitted - still no start

timing check ok

what next ? any ideas?

or should we be goin back over any of the above like the timing

many thanks

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Diesels don't need many things to be right to run.

I would check (in this order);

1. Air getting into the cylinders (pull hose from manifold and check valves working)

2. Check fuel getting into cylinders (pull injector, point it in a safe direction and try a quick crank (PPE worn by all))

3. Confirm timing correct - hand crank the engine with glow plugs out and see if valves open and shut in correct correlation to engine's 'huff' through the glow plug holes

4. Get injectors tested

5. Do a compression test

Let us know how he gets on!

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my figure before redoing hte head completely... were

pot 1 - 305 (radiator)

pot 2 - 400

pot 3 - 310

pot 4 - 400 (bulkhead)

they should all be approx the same,,, so around the 400 mark - I can not remember if that was psi though.

but I would go with timing being out... I assume you have aligned the flywheel and the injector all correctly.. and also the dot mark on the crank.. (just asking) my one was a bugger to start when it was out by about 2/3 teeth but she did eventually and ran rather well too.. :)

no laid down figures in workshop manual [genuine] just a difference of around 70psi between each cylinder.
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well guys the compressions are as low as 100 on no.3

2 others are 120,130 and the other at 210+ (could read any higher cos its a petrol compression tester!!)

Decided to drag it around the block to start it - well it did, smoke all shades of the rainbow, it was like a red arrows display! Oil pushed out of the filler cap and breather, and the oil light is now flicker when the engine is on idle.

so I need to either do a bottom end rebuild or find a 200tdi bottom end thats going surplus !

any ideas?

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