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Front swivels

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Hi chaps

Just a quick one here please, just set the preload on the front swivels without the ball seals in place, each one was at give or take 4kg, now having put the seals in the preload now is up around 6kg, basically does that sound right to you, 

   All the best

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Sounds reasonable.  It may drop to around 5kg when the seals bed in and are lubricated, but I wouldn’t worry.  It’s the drag from the bearing preload that is important, but the seals can can change the total drag by varying but significant amounts, which is why the procedure is to set it without the seals fitted.

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Be aware that Railko bushes have a different preload to bearings - I know as I set mine wrong!!!

Can't quite remember the preload for each, but I think the bearing type is about 1.6kg where the Railko is about 4kg.


Mine has Railko and I set it too light!

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Thanks fella, mine are the railko type aswell, I couldn't get them exactly the same each side, whether that's down to the machining of the pins I don't know,  but they are within what Haynes say,  inside the tolerances of what they suggest, thanks for getting back, got to be honest it's the first time I've messed around with the offending articles, took me nearly 4 hours with the first one but only 2 for the second, what a pickle of a job, for want of a better word, all the best fella 

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