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Dana 60 v Salisbury differentials


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On the back of trying to get a LSD/ATB for my 101 I've been looking into Dana 60 diffs. And I stumbled across this parts diagram. It looks like the Dana only has one pin in the centre where the Salisbury has a cross. 






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This is my Dana 60 10-spline pinion.  They seem to be uncommon, most having many more fine splines.  I’ll get some dimensions of the diameters and lengths of the three main sections behind the gear head (the inner bearing area, neck and splined section inner and outer diameters) tomorrow, so if someone can post up the dimensions of a Salisbury pinion, we’ll be able to make direct comparison.



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I’m not convinced that is the difference in the flange offsets for the two versions of Salisbury 8HA - 0.16” or approximately 4mm doesn’t seem enough judging from the photos of my 109 and 110 diff side by side, but I didn’t measure them, so maybe…

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Right, I got 56.88mm or 2.2395” from worktop to flange face in a few spot around the circumference, though a small allowance has to be made as I didn’t remove the plastic wrapping (humid here, so I want to keep the oil in).  There are no bearings fitted at the moment, so the diff was sitting on the nose of the bearing stub.

ECA86E37-330D-4FB9-AAAE-9D4A145868CD.jpegNo idea why the photo is upside down here - it shows upright on my phone and iPad.

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