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Defender Puma 2.2 Tdci 90

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I have a late Puma 90 csw in at the moment and the client has asked about adding moulded rubber/foam composite mats for the rear wheel boxes. Currently no mats at all in this area, just rubber centre floor mats. 

It has the factory forward facing seats either side in the rear.

Any recommendations for decent quality moulded wheel box sound deadening?

There is also a small diesel leak to the front OS of the fuel tank, not enough to drip though, see pic.


I'm assuming this is on the return somewhere as obviously the supply is under pressure.

Is there a common failure causing this before I dig ant further?





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Slight thread hijack, sorry, but my daughter has just bought a 2013 90. It has only done 29000 miles, and looks generally very good. Is there anything else apart from the useful stuff above I should look out for? I am used to 300tdis.

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Don't delay between draining engine oil and refilling. 10min max. to avoid oil pump priming issues. 

Synthetic oil too.

Keep an eye and ear on the wheel bearings for any play or bearing noise.

All the usual corrosion risk area's are still there so you'll know where to look out for white powder or red flakiness :)


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From what I've been told it's Tdci specific, there are other vehicles within the general motor trade that suffer from the same issues. 

This is my first Tdci too, I'm more usually buried in Series or the earlier 90/110/Defender end of things.


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