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Indicator stalk "adjustment"

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Afternoon all,

With my nice IVA compliant steering wheel and hub (which I quite like now) the stalks can't be operated using my fingers while holding the wheel.  Has anybody tried bending the stalks to bring them closer before I try and find it breaks a widget?  If so any tips?


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Bent my lightweight one to a comfortable position, bends easily, however I would make sure you have minimal stalk between your fingers when you bend and do it in stages moving finger position as you manipulate it so the point of bend is not always in the same place, dead easy to do in reality

Regards Stephen

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Yes, I have bent both stalks so I can operate them without taking a hand of steering wheel, IRC I placed a thumb on side nearest wheel then eased the stalk towards the wheel with other hand on the opposite side, just a little bit of pressure until the stalk is where you want it. 

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