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Opening instruments - 1984 110

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I managed to get the instrument binnacle out after working out how to release the speedo cable (see other thread in members' vehicles), unscrewed the light connectors... and all the screw fittings prompr

tly fell insode the instruments.

Which utter genius came up with that idea?

Before I start butchering things, can I open the speedo (mainly -  I think I can reach the others and silicone them into place) and recover them or am I knackered?


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as far as i know you can't open the speedo (at least in a decent way) , i crushed the remaining bit with small plyers trough the hole were the light goes , then i made a new holder for the lights and glued in place (and put a green led bulb in) 

you could have a look at a car breaker , some cars use push in fittings for the small bulbs in the headlights.

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4 hours ago, muddy said:

Thje bezels are crimped road the gauge body, with carful and persistent prying you can get them off.

Yep.  Just take it easy and you’ll be fine.  I’ve had the speedo, combined gauge, ammeter and oil pressure gauges open on my 109 without issue.

Once the glass is off, shake the screws out gently and remember to give the speedo face and inside of the glass a clean before refitting the glass.  If you find screws on the back of the casing securing the mechanism inside the case, then it is good to remove that to check for dirt and debris.  You can clean the mechanism with WD40 or similar and use a little light oil afterwards as the WD tends to evaporate.  Just don’t leave it swimming in oil as the internal light will heat any nearby oil, evaporating some and it’ll condense inside the glass.

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Every day's a schoolday with a Landy...

I thought I'd have a go at getting the fittings back into place before attempting uncrimping. And shock, horror, it worked first time (yes, I haver bought a Lottery ticket).

I used a pair of circlip pliers set to open when squeezed, shook the instruments around until I could at least see the bulb holders then got the pliers in, gripped from the inside and boom! Straight in place. Secured it with clear silicone sealant, which will do for now. Going to source some small flat nuts or, failing that, I'll Dremel the bottom off the existing lamp holders and screw it on as a locknut.

I'll probably replace the existing holders with something like these:

E Bay push in bulb holders


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