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Warn XD9000i boat anchor, +15 year project.


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In my wisdom / youth I brought a second hand "Working" Warn XD9000i.

After 15 years I thought it's probably time to get it fitted.

Anyway long story short I'm a gullable fool, the motor resembles the Titanic with a disentigrated brush fused to the contacts, knackered bearings and a holey end cap!

I think it's salvageable and I really don't want to buy a new motor, but as a minimum I'll need to replace the front and rear bearings which seem to be 6203 and 6202. But the brush I'm stumped. Warn seem to want to sell you the entire brush and bearing support housing for the price of a motor. 

I've been looking around for something that might work as a substitute but not having much luck. The brushes seem to measure 20mm wide x 10mm deep x 20mm tall.  I've found a few dc motors (starter, marine, dynamo brushes that come with similar dimensions.) But was hoping that some one might know of another winch brushes that could be retrofitted.

The warn design seems pretty crummy, in the early versions it appears to have separate brushes that are individually maintainable, but on this the brushes are combined with a bearing support, and if you have an issue the are soldered directly to a copper bar.

Any ideas / suggestions welcome. As long as they don't involve confessing to the wife I brought a dud!

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Pictures would help

I have a knackered warn motor off a 8274 one of the brushes may do the job will need to look and measure up. On the link above you can see the one I repaired it was also very crusty

regards Stephen

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8 hours ago, Stellaghost said:

....Brush dimensions barring length are 19mm x 8.7mm

I can bang it in the post if you think you can use it

Regards Stephen 

Thank Stephen that would be a massive help, I've just remeasure and the brushes are not far off your dims I should be able to make them work even if they need a bit of shimming. I'll drop you a p'm, you'll have to let me know what I owe you.

After seeing what you repaired I'm suddenly less worried about  the end cap. 😄

On the plus side the gearbox end doesn't seem to bad, just need a clean and fresh grease.

Has any one tried to refurb the warn solenoids, or is it just not worth the effort?



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