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Discovery 2 (td5) standard spring recommendations

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Hi folks,

2003 Discovery 2 Td5, so I'm pulling together new parts that I'll be changing as part of the chassis swap amd springs are on the list.

I'm looking for standard like for like springs for the truck, only ones I can find are allmakes or terrafirma - (not sure how good these are) I've looked at genuine springs but it's a minefield trying to work out what I need. The truck was spec'd with springs from new.

Anyone got any recommendations?




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Having been through this myself fairly recently I can help a bit as my mechanic told me what to do to identify my springs so he knew what to order in advance of the vehicle coming into the workshop. It's all down to the paint marks on the springs apparently as they determine the spring rating. If the springs you have now are the springs you want then you need to clean them up a bit and find the two blobs of paint. I've attached photos of my front springs below. Left and right have different ratings because of the extra weight on the right (I think that is what he said) - purple + purple on the left (REB000340) and purple + grey on the right (REB000330). Mine is a 2002 Discovery 2 Td5 with 7-seats and air on the back, but standard springs on the front.

If you are not sure if what you have is standard or not then your best bet is to call into the nearest LR dealer with your VIN number and see what they can find on their system. The Land Rover Classic parts site may be some help finding the part numbers once you know the colours but otherwise I didn't find it that helpful with this.


DSC07966 - LH.JPG

DSC07967 - RH.JPG

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7 hours ago, Maverik said:

Sounds stupid, but never thought to ring Land Rover.

We all have our moments.  They get more frequent with age.  Take them as a marker of experience and wisdom! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I rang land rover, turns out the only way to identify the springs is to be able to take the colour code off your old springs... not all that helpful to me as present installed springs are pretty corroded. Ended up ordering TF028 and TF029 which are terrafirma standard height springs, in for a penny as they say.

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3 hours ago, landroversforever said:

That's helpful :(. Were they not even able/willing to give you the spring rates? 


Na, not all helpful, if you dig about the tinterweb you can find various references etc. but to be honest I wanted a slightly quicker solution.

2 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

Even when rusty, a wash and a squirt with WD-40 or similar and you can often find flecks of paint remaining on springs.

No doubt, and I will look once I've got them off when I do the chassis change, as above I've not got the motivation to pull a wheel off and start scraping about amongst all the rust just now.

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